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My rheumatologist doesn't just WORK for people with arthritis ... she RUNS!

Everyone knows a grandma with a bad hip or an uncle with a bad knee Ė thatís arthritis. What a lot of people donít realize is that thatís only one kind of arthritis. There are over a hundred more Ö and they can happen to anyone, at any age.

For me, they really hit in my 30s, and have gone far beyond joint pain. Sarcoidosis causes inflammatory arthritis in just about all of my joints, but it also affects my lungs, skin, and nerves, and can progress to any other organ in my body. Fibromyalgia leaves me with debilitating fatigue and muscle pain. Over the past several years, Iíve gone from half-running/half-walking a 5K (ok, maybe 1/3 running), to walking the whole thing, to sitting on the sidelines or missing the event entirely. And since there is no cure for my illnesses (and treatments can do as much harm as good), this is the life Iíve had to get used to. Sadly, my story is far from unique.

Thatís why Iíve gotten so involved with the Arthritis Foundation. The Arthritis Foundation is not only working to find a cure and better treatments, but it is helping to raise awareness, offering programs for patients, and advocating for legislative issues that affect all patients. Iíll be with them at every Walk or Run, every National Summit or State Advocacy Day, and anywhere else I can ... and I hope youíll be a part of it, too!

Join my team for this fun holiday themed Run/Walk, or let me know if you want to volunteer at the event. If you canít do either, Iíd love it if you could show your support with a donation Ė no amount is too small to make a difference Ö or too big!
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