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Anna's Angels
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Anna's Angels Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $11,427.87

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 75
Members Recruited: 55

We NEED YOU!!! ANNA needs YOU!

Please be one of Anna's Angels. We need the biggest team yet this year.

Anna has had a rough year. Worsening inflammation in her hips, allergic reactions to medication, denied four medications but she keeps fighting.

Will your donation be the one that will find a medication that works for Anna? We sure hope so!

Donate today. Join Anna's Angels and raise funds with us.

We trust the Arthritis Foundation to use the donations to help research all areas of Arthritis and to help families like ours connect with other families to feel "normal" for a week at the Juvenile Arthritis Conference in the summer.

Thank you to all of Anna's Angels!

Team Members:
Total Raised$11,427.87  
General Team Donation$1,543.00  
Emily Neu$6,974.87  
   Scott Balent$40.00  
   Derek Brady$40.00  
   Joe Detty$90.00  
   Adam Downey$35.00  
   Caleb Downey$15.00  
   Jennifer Downey$35.00  
   Zachary Downey$15.00  
   Mike Fessler$40.00  
   Emily Fulk$40.00  
   Katharine Fulk$40.00  
   Roger Fulk$40.00  
   Mark Garey$50.00  
   Derek George$35.00  
   Harper George$15.00  
   Hayden George$15.00  
   Hollyn George$15.00  
   Hunter George$15.00  
   Jennifer George$160.00  
   Max Glick$35.00  
   Susie Heckman$35.00  
   Chloe Heins$35.00  
   Jodie Hildenbrand$40.00  
   Josiah Hildenbrand$50.00  
   Renee Homan$75.00  
   Avery Johnson$40.00  
   Turner Lachey$20.00  
   Bill Leyden$40.00  
   Caroline Leyden$40.00  
   Jenny Lusher$210.00  
   Nathan Lusher$60.00  
   Julie Monnin$50.00  
   Audra Nelles$40.00  
   Kristen Nelles$40.00  
   Allison Neu$735.00  
   Antoinette Neu$15.00  
   Ethan Neu$35.00  
   JT Neu$15.00  
   Justin Neu$35.00  
   Kenny Neu$15.00  
   Mena Neu$15.00  
   CJ Olding$20.00  
   Eve Olding$45.00  
   Sara olding$45.00  
   Sonya Phillips$40.00  
   Angela SCHLATER$30.00  
   Luke Schlater$40.00  
   Ian Stiver$20.00  
   Ashley Stoll$50.00  
   Ellie Waldsmith$30.00  
   Cataleya Wilson$15.00  
   Cliff Wilson$40.00  
   Kim Wilson$40.00  
   Maria Woodie$50.00  
   Ricky Woodie$35.00  

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