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Jo's Jinglers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $22,000.00
Total Raised: $18,315.23

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 175
Members Recruited: 144

Join Jo's Jinglers!

Please join us to raise funds and have fun in support of the Arthritis Foundation! Jo's Jinglers has been at it for 22 years and we hope you will join us in 2017 by joining our team or making a donation.

I started having symptoms of arthritis in second grade and was then diagnosed at age nine. Today, I am 41 and continue to battle the severe joint damage I have suffered through my life that brings me daily pain, limitations in every day life and fear of the ongoing progression of my disease.

I raise money for the Arthritis Foundation because I desperately hope for a cure and better treatments.

Please join Jo's Jinglers today!


Akada, Fullen Financial Group, Ologie

Barbara Fergus, CWI Gifts, Ron Helon, Jung Sun & Rick Miller, Mollard Consulting, Saber Healthcare Foundation

Carol Andreae & Jim Garland, Amy & Jeremy Baskes, Connie Bodiker, Jean Droste, Judy Garel, Mary, Lazarus, Rachel Figueroa Photography, Thrivent Financial, Linda and Joe Zitnik

Team Members:
Total Raised$18,315.23  
General Team Donation$6,964.00  
Joanna Helon$2,886.23  
   Katie Anthony-Brown$45.00  
   Quinn Aubert$45.00  
   jeremy baskes$40.00  
   Charlie Berlan$45.00  
   Elise Berlan$45.00  
   Hugo Berlan$15.00  
   Eric Bielefeld$50.00  
   Amy Bodiker Baskes$290.00  
   Eddie Brown$45.00  
   dann bruno$75.00  
   Ellen Buesing$55.00  
   Erin Burk$45.00  
   Suzanne Cahall$45.00  
   Theresa Campel$45.00  
   Larry Case$45.00  
   Nancy Case$70.00  
   Arya Chabria$40.00  
   Tammy Chabria$40.00  
   Erik Cole$50.00  
   Frieda Cole$30.00  
   Lucy Cole$30.00  
   Pamela Cole$50.00  
   Chuck Cribbs$45.00  
   Elaine Crook$45.00  
   Shelby Daugherty$45.00  
   Lisa Defendiefer$45.00  
   Doug Edwards$45.00  
   Allison Ellawadi$65.00  
   Kristen Eubanks$45.00  
   Addy Evans$75.00  
   Bryan Evans$75.00  
   Fran Evans$75.00  
   Harry Evans$30.00  
   Stephen Gussler$125.00  
   Melanie Hartle$45.00  
   Addison Helon$75.00  
   Luke Helon$75.00  
   Ron Helon$835.00  
   Ryan Helon$135.00  
   Darnell Heywood$45.00  
   Liam Heywood$45.00  
   Dot Holbrook$45.00  
   Lanier Holt$45.00  
   Naomi Holt$80.00  
   Rachael Holt$50.00  
   Ruby Holt$80.00  
   Don Hornbeck$35.00  
   Neva Hornbeck$35.00  
   Ryan Janiszewski$45.00  
   Neil Jarvis$100.00  
   Pam Jarvis$50.00  
   Kyle Kastranec$45.00  
   Emily Keeler$110.00  
   Andrew Kime$45.00  
   August King$20.00  
   Patrick King$45.00  
   Wells King$20.00  
   Grace Kleismit$45.00  
   P'Elizabeth Koelker$45.00  
   Alina Lacki$50.00  
   David Lacki$50.00  
   Rebecca Lacki$50.00  
   Tessa Lacki$50.00  
   Keeler Lee$40.00  
   Henry Lin$40.00  
   Bill Litfin$65.00  
   Elissa Litfin$65.00  
   Julian Litfin$40.00  
   Stella Litfin$40.00  
   Indigo London$45.00  
   Alessio Malave-Ulloa$50.00  
   Enzo Malave-Ulloa$50.00  
   Leonardo Malave-Ulloa$50.00  
   Quelvid Malave-Ulloa$50.00  
   Dawn Marinacci$45.00  
   Ann Marks$45.00  
   Larry Marks$45.00  
   Allyson Marty$60.00  
   Lisa Martyn$45.00  
   Sandy Mason$100.00  
   Carrie Mazza$45.00  
   Amy McGee$50.00  
   Graziella McGuire$20.00  
   Veronica McGuire$45.00  
   Vivienne McGuire$20.00  
   Carly McVey$45.00  
   Gina Meyers$35.00  
   Jung Sun Miller$90.00  
   Rachel Miller$20.00  
   Samuel Miller$40.00  
   Kerri Mollard$40.00  
   Kevin Murray$45.00  
   Jill Neely$45.00  
   Courtney Oakley$75.00  
   Satch Parker$0.00  
   Tara Parker$0.00  
   Wyatt Parker$0.00  
   Elaine Pierce$50.00  
   Harper Price$45.00  
   Hilary Price$45.00  
   Keion Price$45.00  
   Cecilia Rekstis$20.00  
   Kathy Rekstis$45.00  
   Lily Rekstis$20.00  
   Ryan Rekstis$45.00  
   Claire Richardson$40.00  
   Craig Richardson$40.00  
   Cyrus Richardson$40.00  
   Jennifer Richardson$75.00  
   Kelly Ruoff$35.00  
   Beverly Ryan$45.00  
   Nate Selby$45.00  
   Samantha Sharpe$40.00  
   Carrie Sheehan$60.00  
   Lindsay Sherwood$45.00  
   Leslie Shimizu$45.00  
   Elizabeth Shirey$70.00  
   Audrey Shirley$80.00  
   Drew Shirley$40.00  
   Kelly Shirley$40.00  
   Sam Shirley$80.00  
   Melody Steely$130.00  
   Dakota Story$45.00  
   Stephanie Stover Trenton$50.00  
   Siera Swanson$45.00  
   Patricia Taylor$45.00  
   Patrick Terrien$45.00  
   Jacqueline Thompson$100.00  
   Tania Ulloa-Malave$50.00  
   Ratna Upadhya$45.00  
   Victor van Buchem$45.00  
   Linda Wallace$40.00  
   Anna Whisler$45.00  
   Eric Whisler$45.00  
   Julia Whisler$45.00  
   Britni Wodston$45.00  
   Mindy Wright$80.00  
   Dan Wurm$45.00  
   Lisa Wurm$100.00  
   Elizabeth Young$40.00  
   Joseph Zitnik$110.00  
   Linda Zitnik$150.00  

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