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Jon's Jinglers

Jon's Jinglers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $5,405.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 75
Members Recruited: 61

Please join Jon's Jinglers!

Welcome to the 6th year of Jon's Jinglers! We are excited to run and walk with you all again this year! Jon has been doing extremely well living with ankylosing spondylitis, and we want to celebrate that fact! Please join us on December 2, 2017! Look forward to another awesome event!

Team Members:
Total Raised$5,405.00  
General Team Donation$1,990.00  
Melissa Parsons$160.00  
   Maddie Ailes$45.00  
   Mike Ailes$45.00  
   Beth Bidstrup$45.00  
   Evan Bidstrup$45.00  
   mark bidstrup$95.00  
   noah bidstrup$45.00  
   Samantha Blackburn$45.00  
   Ava Blackburrn$45.00  
   Amy Brown$40.00  
   Meg Brown$40.00  
   Kenneth Buckwalter Jr$45.00  
   Natalie Clum$40.00  
   Rich Clum$40.00  
   Kim Daniel$40.00  
   Lisa Dillahunt$90.00  
   Julie Dunlea$30.00  
   Stephanie Eden$90.00  
   Jessica Elefritz$75.00  
   Matthew Exline$100.00  
   Amber Fosler$35.00  
   Kristen Foster$45.00  
   Michele Foster$45.00  
   Mattie Garcia$45.00  
   Phillip Garey$45.00  
   Rachel Garey$45.00  
   Lindsey Geiger$40.00  
   Kathryn Ginocchi$45.00  
   Kadi Gonzalez$45.00  
   Charlie Hauswirth$45.00  
   David Hauswirth$45.00  
   Kate Hauswirth$45.00  
   Wendy Hauswirth$45.00  
   Jeanne Hayslip$55.00  
   Andrea Johnson$45.00  
   Claudia Keck$45.00  
   Kelley Keck$45.00  
   Donna Keller$40.00  
   Cole Lewis$95.00  
   Julie Lewis$95.00  
   Tim Lewis$95.00  
   Christine McGarvey$45.00  
   Sindhu Mukku$40.00  
   Rory Nieft$20.00  
   Sarah Novak$55.00  
   Jack Parsons$90.00  
   Jon Parsons$140.00  
   Owen Parsons$90.00  
   Jeff Rice$45.00  
   Joanie Rice$45.00  
   Elizabeth Schumm$95.00  
   Jessica Schweikert$45.00  
   Monica Scranton$80.00  
   Peter Scranton$40.00  
   Elizabeth Simon$45.00  
   Marcia Katz Slotnick$45.00  
   Kelly Story$40.00  
   Ryan Story$40.00  
   Shannon Thomas$45.00  
   Lisa Wahlrab$40.00  
   Aleigha Zajd$45.00  

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