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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $5,005.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 59

Let's move to for a cure for juvenile arthritis -join our team!

McKenna's Health Journey:
Kenna was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at birth. After many different types of braces and no such luck, the doctors informed us she would need surgery to loosen her ligaments and allow her hips to fall into place. She was considered a level "5" on the scale from 1 -5, 5 being very severe. After many follow up visits and cast adjustments the day finally came for her cast to be removed and for Kenna to start walking. The doctor had informed us to NOT PANIC as her legs may look "funny" as she tries to figure out how to walk the for the first time the correctly, this was considered "normal" for patients diagnosed with hip dysplasia. The doctor watched her walk up and down the hallways and noticed she had a "limp". He informed us that many of his patients may suffer from something in addition to hip dysplasia and we needed to get her to the neurologist ASAP to confirm there were no major concerns. In the meantime he ordered Kenna to start physical therapy 3 times per week to see if they could stretch her hamstring in her leg to gain full range.

Before the testing began with neurology we were told that Kenna could be diagnosed with a wide range of things: a tight hamstring, a spinal issue or a tumor on her spine which was in turn triggering her brain to make her walk this way. The MRI was performed and testing was done and everything came back OKAY! So we followed up with her orthopedic doctor he was please to hear the news and he had briefly mentioned to us that she may have something called JIA- Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and would like to get Kenna to see the Rheumatologist.

We go for our intial visit with the Rheumatologist and the doctor states "your daughter is the poster child for JIA, it's a miracle she's even walking". McKenna had blood work performed and a physical exam done - the doctor told us she was currently effected in 2 joints. We were to start her on Naproxen weekly to see if the swelling would be reduced in her joints. No such luck. He said the next treatment is Methotrexate orally. We did that once per such luck. He then recommended the next treatment would be steroid injections to both knee joints. They would go in, remove the fluid from both knees and once the fluid was removed they would do the steroid injections into the joint. The procedure went well everything looked great, she did wonderfully. We were watching her and making sure she was okay and I looked down to notice her middle finger was swollen and it was not before she had the procedure performed. We had a follow up with her doctor and he said sure enough this would be considered her 3rd joint now effected. She had the finger X rayed and we moved on.

A few weeks later Kenna kept telling me to pick her up that her "yeg (leg) hurt". After 2 days of her doing this, I came to realize this was considered another flare up- it was warm to the touch and she didn't want to put any weight on. I took her in and sure enough it was another flare up. The doctor was not pleased and decided that we needed to move forward to injection medication only from here on out because oral medication was not doing its job. She was to have methotrexate injections weekly. We went for a follow up visit after 3 injections. He performed his physical exam and noticed the inflammation in her knee was still not reduced. During the physical exam he stated Kenna's wrists and her one toe were also now effected. He recommended we change the medication. We were to switch the methotrexate to orally once per week and add Humira by injection bi weekly. McKenna's current treatment plan is folic acid orally daily, Methotrexate orally weekly and Humira bi weekly by injection. We will see what the future holds!

We are sharing McKenna's story in the hopes you take a few minutes to read about JIA and bring awareness to the disease. We are walking in honor of all children who have the disease or cannot walk due to the severity of their disease. We are walking for our KENNA GIRL! So join our team "MCKENNA'S MERRY MOVERS". Get festive, tie bells to your shoes and let's go out and support a good cause!

Thank you for taking the time to read her health journey! Thank you in advanced for joining McKenna's Merry Movers, thank you for making a donation and for your continuous love and support!

God Bless,
Casey, Sarah & Kenna girl :)

Team Members:
Total Raised$5,005.00  
General Team Donation$1,160.00  
Sarah Dolan$35.00  
Casey Dolan$85.00  
McKenna Dolan$140.00  
   Michael Astle$40.00  
   Tara Astle$320.00  
   Shannon Bowes$35.00  
   Andrew Campbell$40.00  
   Arleen Dolan$40.00  
   James Dolan$55.00  
   Jayme Dolan$45.00  
   Kyle Dolan$45.00  
   Patrick Dolan$40.00  
   Sean Dolan$35.00  
   Amanda Dungee$40.00  
   Pat Dungee$40.00  
   Lauren Dunn$85.00  
   Lauren Eggeling$50.00  
   Adam Engle$40.00  
   Ian Frain$40.00  
   Kara Fremont$90.00  
   Jason Golowski$85.00  
   Michelle Horho$60.00  
   Edward Houseman$35.00  
   Liz Houseman$35.00  
   Frank Imperial$40.00  
   Nick Johns$140.00  
   Lauren Johnson$30.00  
   Justin Kaplan$35.00  
   Meghan Kaplan$35.00  
   Linda Kenney$50.00  
   Jack King$45.00  
   Harold Komar$50.00  
   Caitlin Kraynak$40.00  
   Nick Kraynak$40.00  
   Debbie Lee$35.00  
   Cinnie Lobb$65.00  
   Debbie Lobb$140.00  
   Stephanie Lobb$290.00  
   Steve Lobb$40.00  
   Pattie McAleer$40.00  
   Stephanie Payonk$45.00  
   Angel Poloway$40.00  
   Joanne Reuschel$40.00  
   Chuck Ritter$35.00  
   Diane Ritter$35.00  
   Koree Ritter$35.00  
   Philip Ritter$135.00  
   Jim Rudick$45.00  
   Jose Salazar$50.00  
   Zac Sullivan$40.00  
   Larry Thompson$40.00  
   Bryan Tronoski$45.00  
   Hannah Tronoski$45.00  
   John Tronoski$45.00  
   Sandra Tronoski$45.00  
   Janice Walton$45.00  
   Bitie Williams$340.00  
   Maddy wyda$35.00  
   Mike Wyda$35.00  

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