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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Total Raised: $1,909.15

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 25
Members Recruited: 52

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Lily is 10 years old and lives in De Pere, WI. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at age 4. Over the last 4 years, she has had ups and downs, enduring 4 steroid shots in joints, and countless weekly injections, as well as daily meds.

In 2017, Lily has had her worst year with the disease since her initial diagnosis. The inflammation spread not only to all of her joints (hands, fingers, wrists, knees, feet, etc), but also to her eyes. Lily endured eye doctor and rheumatology appointments every 3 weeks for most of the year. She has been on 5 meds, two of which are painful injections (one being chemotherapy, which makes her feel ill after she takes it).

She has more spirit and fight in her than most adults do. She keeps plugging along, not giving up, even when when her body betrays her and fights itself.

Please consider joining us at UWGB on December 2 to walk with Lily and the rest of The Fruitcakes!

Want to hear her story? Read Anne's writing: Living With An Invisible Illness: Lily's Journey with Juvenile Arthritis

Part 1:

Part 2-5 are found at the bottom of the page. Look for Part 6 coming this month!

Team Members:
Total Raised$1,909.15  
General Team Donation$25.00  
Anne Laurent$25.00  
Lily Laurent$459.15  
   Holly Baseman$25.00  
   Rory Baseman$35.00  
   Ryan Baseman$25.00  
   Ava Brown$35.00  
   joel coon$30.00  
   sophia coon$30.00  
   Steve Davidson$30.00  
   Drew Demmin$20.00  
   Jenny Demmin$35.00  
   Megan Fierst$25.00  
   Bob Garfinkel$25.00  
   Kathy Garfinkel$25.00  
   Josh Gauthier$35.00  
   Kevin Hasselbacher$25.00  
   Easton Hauser$15.00  
   Gabriella Hauser$15.00  
   Giana Hauser$15.00  
   Jaceson Hauser$25.00  
   Jess Hauser$25.00  
   Vincent Hauser$15.00  
   Amanda Laurent$25.00  
   Aubrey Laurent$15.00  
   Beth Laurent$25.00  
   Brian Laurent$25.00  
   Brianna Laurent$30.00  
   Jackie Laurent$25.00  
   Janet Laurent$25.00  
   Lisa Laurent$25.00  
   Ron Laurent$25.00  
   Steven Laurent$25.00  
   Zoey Laurent$15.00  
   Cavin Leske$50.00  
   Michelle Mann$50.00  
   Donna Mleziva$35.00  
   Dianne Nyman$30.00  
   Kelly Pufall$35.00  
   Alexis Sequin$30.00  
   Eric Sequin$30.00  
   Lisa Sequin$30.00  
   Mason Sequin$30.00  
   Danielle Sinkula$30.00  
   Kaitlyn Sinkula$20.00  
   Alex Stodola$35.00  
   Bryan Swanson$25.00  
   Greta Swanson$25.00  
   Jennifer VanRemortel$25.00  
   Marren VanRemortel$15.00  
   Clarissa Wall$55.00  
   Jack Wall$20.00  

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