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Nashville Area AOIIs
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Nashville Area AOIIs Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $4,000.00
Total Raised: $3,025.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 50

Join Our AOII Team!

Get in the spirit this holiday season! Join our team, tie bells to your shoes, dress in a festive costume and raise funds to help cure arthritis. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children, who face the daily challenges of the nationís #1 cause of disability.

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,025.00  
General Team Donation$1,100.00  
Kim McCollom$90.00  
   Lenai Augustine$35.00  
   Emily Bulkley$30.00  
   Haley Cahill$25.00  
   Callyn Corder$25.00  
   Teresa Cosgrove$30.00  
   Paula Daigle$30.00  
   THERESA DAVIS$50.00  
   Kayla DeCant$35.00  
   Bri Donovan$30.00  
   Sherry Dutton$30.00  
   Greg Elam$50.00  
   Kay Elam$125.00  
   Rina Galehouse$30.00  
   Beratta Gomillion$50.00  
   Anne Marie Hall$25.00  
   Beth Hixon$40.00  
   Erin James$30.00  
   Robin Johns$30.00  
   Allyson Judkins$30.00  
   Brandon Klarner$40.00  
   Ali Kresslein$30.00  
   Donna Kumar$30.00  
   Melissa Layton$30.00  
   Virginia Lea$35.00  
   Alex LeForge$40.00  
   Troy LeForge$25.00  
   Bella McCollom$30.00  
   Don McCollom$40.00  
   Meghan McCollom$40.00  
   Kaya Miller$30.00  
   Melissa Miller$35.00  
   Whitney Milos$40.00  
   Brandi Nunnery$30.00  
   Danielle Parrillo$35.00  
   Melody Platt$50.00  
   Kristie Ryan$40.00  
   Mariellen Sasseen$30.00  
   Robert Sasseen$35.00  
   Wesley Sasseen$35.00  
   Nicole Shaffer$45.00  
   Kaytlin Smith$30.00  
   Jenna Sullivan$30.00  
   Andrea Theobald$25.00  
   Cindy Tooley$60.00  
   Dawn Trout$35.00  
   Lesley Weimer$60.00  
   Courtney West$35.00  
   deborah yepsen$50.00  
   Bryan Young$35.00  

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