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Jo Jinglers
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Jo Jinglers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $4,993.04

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 30
Members Recruited: 64

Come Jingle with us!!

Come join the "Jo Jinglers" and have some Holiday Fun. Arthritis stinks, life can be hard - let's have some JOvial Jingling fun and celebrate those we love and raise money for a cure at the same time!!

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,993.04  
General Team Donation$0.00  
Julie Allott$30.00  
   Aiden Airhart$35.00  
   Katie Allender$40.00  
   Grace Allott$30.00  
   Joel Allott$1,004.04  
   Austin Baker$40.00  
   John Baker$40.00  
   Theresa Baker$40.00  
   Travis Baker$40.00  
   Jason Bird$40.00  
   Benjamin Brown$45.00  
   Carolyn Cooper$85.00  
   Lori Engdall$45.00  
   Julie Fenoughty$35.00  
   Betty Fiedler$15.00  
   dale fiedler$50.00  
   Joe Fiedler$30.00  
   Julie Fiedler$30.00  
   Lorianne Fiedler$50.00  
   Mia Fiedler$15.00  
   pat fiedler$50.00  
   Angel Gillette$35.00  
   Alexander Gordon$50.00  
   Derek Haight$45.00  
   Alex Hockley$45.00  
   Suzanne Hockley$45.00  
   Angie Inman$40.00  
   Mark Inman$45.00  
   Mariam Ischander$251.00  
   Erica Jennings$35.00  
   Charlie Jones$35.00  
   Coraline kelly$20.00  
   Nola kelly$20.00  
   Daniel Kingsbury$151.00  
   Mildred Layman$50.00  
   Don Logue$40.00  
   Kaitlyn Logue$20.00  
   Madison Logue$20.00  
   Evelyn MacLean$35.00  
   Abby Manwiller$40.00  
   Merideth Manwiller$40.00  
   Ryan Manwiller$40.00  
   Sophie Manwiller$40.00  
   Alexia Meier$35.00  
   Eric Meier$35.00  
   Ethan Perez$15.00  
   Orlando Perez$45.00  
   Priscilla Perez$45.00  
   Sophia Perez$15.00  
   Angela Peterson$1,058.00  
   Nicole Richards$50.00  
   Chris Sadler$35.00  
   Francine Sayles$46.00  
   Amanda Shelton$45.00  
   Christopher Smith$50.00  
   Janet Smith$106.00  
   Josh Stratman$30.00  
   Madison Stratman$30.00  
   Megan Stratman$30.00  
   Noah Stratman$15.00  
   Sarah Stratman$30.00  
   Ashley Swanson$45.00  
   Amelia White$30.00  
   Anna White$272.00  

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