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TCU AOII Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Total Raised: $2,045.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 57

Join Our Team!

Get in the spirit this holiday season! Join our team, tie bells to your shoes, dress in a festive costume and raise funds to help cure arthritis. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children, who face the daily challenges of the nationís #1 cause of disability.

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,045.00  
General Team Donation$30.00  
Claire Evenson$30.00  
   Taryn Atkinson$35.00  
   Isabelle Berry$30.00  
   Lance Bettencourt$40.00  
   Kayla Boatright$30.00  
   Morgan Bolton$35.00  
   Megan Bose$60.00  
   Elizabeth Boulware$30.00  
   Mikayla Brewer$30.00  
   Lauren Camin-Calixto$70.00  
   Maddie Clakley$40.00  
   Carter Coleman$30.00  
   Sarah Cornelison$35.00  
   MacKenna Crocker$30.00  
   Caroline Danner$40.00  
   Katherine Danner$45.00  
   Priscilla Danner$35.00  
   Erin Denton$30.00  
   Linda Denton$35.00  
   Emily Dickson$30.00  
   Lauren Dooley$30.00  
   Cameron Estrada$30.00  
   Megan Fitzpatrick$40.00  
   Jody Gehring$45.00  
   Kendra Hall$30.00  
   Mikaela Harkovich$35.00  
   Emma Henrichs$30.00  
   Katherine Jeckovich$85.00  
   Taryn Johnson$30.00  
   Devin Kaiser$30.00  
   Erica King$40.00  
   Katelin Kluge$30.00  
   Catherine Kozel$30.00  
   Samantha Lee$40.00  
   Ernest Leonard$30.00  
   Madi Leonard$30.00  
   Mark Leonard$30.00  
   Michael Leonard$30.00  
   Terrie Leonard$30.00  
   Lauren Livesay$40.00  
   Danielle Marshall$35.00  
   Mallory Mathison$30.00  
   Nicole McGregor$30.00  
   Lauren McLaughlin$40.00  
   Gillian Meservey$30.00  
   Ashley Miller$30.00  
   Madison Mocek$30.00  
   Megan Murphy$35.00  
   Katie Negron$30.00  
   Danielle Payon$40.00  
   Elizabeth Ponthie$35.00  
   Jenna Quirk$30.00  
   Emily Rutan$30.00  
   Sarah Setlak$35.00  
   Laura Taylor$40.00  
   Cassandra York$30.00  

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