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Alexandras Elves
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Alexandras Elves Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,000.00
Total Raised: $3,925.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 60
Members Recruited: 62

Join Our Team!

Get in the spirit this holiday season! Join our team, tie bells to your shoes, dress in a festive costume and raise funds to help cure arthritis. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children, who face the daily challenges of the nationís #1 cause of disability.

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,925.00  
General Team Donation$0.00  
Alexandra Lubeck$2,180.00  
   Rainy Bass$25.00  
   Maddox Bultron$15.00  
   Landon Carney$15.00  
   Travis Carney$25.00  
   Valaree Carney$25.00  
   Sean Clapp$35.00  
   Nicole Cleary$45.00  
   Megon Coon$35.00  
   Margaret Hobbs$25.00  
   Alysa Jenkins$15.00  
   CJ Jenkins$35.00  
   Jason Jenkins$35.00  
   Sarah Jenkins$15.00  
   Sarah Johnson$25.00  
   Lindsay Johnston$25.00  
   Kevin Klott$35.00  
   Antonio Lubeck$15.00  
   Arrianna Lubeck$15.00  
   Brian Lubeck$25.00  
   Evan Lubeck$15.00  
   Haden Lubeck$15.00  
   Matthew Lubeck$15.00  
   Monica Lubeck$25.00  
   Sharlin Maldonado$25.00  
   Dan McCarthy$45.00  
   Ursula McCarthy$35.00  
   Candy Mccloud$25.00  
   Deirdre McMorrow$35.00  
   David Millen$25.00  
   Frederick Millen$25.00  
   Natalie Mobley$25.00  
   Bruce Nelson$225.00  
   Martha Nelson$25.00  
   Audrey Pease$25.00  
   David Pease$25.00  
   Evelyn Pease$15.00  
   Jace Pease$15.00  
   Angus Ritchie$15.00  
   Aolfe Ritchie$25.00  
   Brian Ritchie$25.00  
   Kasey Ritchie$25.00  
   Kingsten Sanderson$15.00  
   Ashley Straw$25.00  
   Michael Straw$25.00  
   Nicholas Straw$15.00  
   Taylor Straw$15.00  
   Allison VanHoozer$15.00  
   Andy VanHoozer$25.00  
   Lara VanHoozer$25.00  
   Alma Vizzerra$25.00  
   Amaya Vizzerra$15.00  
   Katalina Vizzerra$15.00  
   william Vizzerra$25.00  
   NOrma WAlsh$25.00  
   Chris Wendler$45.00  
   MacKenzie Wendler$45.00  
   Matt Wendler$45.00  
   Raighen Wendler$45.00  
   Meredith Whelen$25.00  
   Elaine Zimmerman$25.00  

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