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Welcome to Team AOII National

Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity is thrilled to partner with the Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. During 2016, AOII raised a total of $575,000 for arthritis research, awareness, and education through Jingle Bell Run, Walk to Cure Arthritis and many of their own local fundraising events like Strike Out Arthritis! This total represents fundraising conducted from January 1 to December 31, 2016, and reflects the combined efforts of AOII chapters and members who dedicated their time to raising money and awareness for this important cause in a variety of ways.
“2017 is the 50th anniversary for the longstanding partnership between AOII and the Arthritis Foundation - a remarkable milestone for both organizations! AOII is dedicated to building on our success with the Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run. For years, many of our collegians and alumnae have often been recognized as the largest and most successful fundraising teams in their area. We look forward to further enhancing our member engagement and call attention to and help those living with arthritis through this important series of events.” – Gayle Fitzpatrick, AOII International President
AOII sisters, friends and family are all encouraged to participate in their local Jingle Bell Run! Register or today and join the Team AOII National group!

Total Raised:  $49,203.58Members Recruited:  1009

Top GroupTop Fundraising EventsMoney RaisedMembers Recruited
1.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Memphis, TN$5,370.00133
2.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Montgomery, AL$4,071.0064
3.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bloomington, IL$3,165.0031
4.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Tampa$2,710.0033
5.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Baltimore$2,365.0058
6.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Portland, OR$2,354.0021
7.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Western Suburbs$2,290.0022
8.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Fort Worth, TX$2,235.0055
9.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Louisville, KY$1,903.5832
10.     Team AOII National2017 Jingle Bell Run - Franklin, TN$1,670.0045
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Top TeamsEvent NameMoney RaisedMembers Recruited
1.     Huntingdon College_AOII2017 Jingle Bell Run - Montgomery, AL$4,071.0063
2.     AOII Sigma Omicron2017 Jingle Bell Run - Memphis, TN$3,505.00100
3.     AOII - Beta Nu2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bloomington, IL$3,165.0030
4.     Theta Beta2017 Jingle Bell Run - Baltimore$2,365.0057
5.     Chicago Area AOIIs2017 Jingle Bell Run - Western Suburbs$2,290.0021
6.     AOII Portland Alumnae Group2017 Jingle Bell Run - Portland, OR$2,082.0014
7.     AOII Kappa Omicron2017 Jingle Bell Run - Memphis, TN$1,865.0032
8.     Kentuckiana AOII's2017 Jingle Bell Run - Louisville, KY$1,723.5827
9.     TCU AOII2017 Jingle Bell Run - Fort Worth, TX$1,525.0044
10.     Jingle with Beka2017 Jingle Bell Run - Tampa$1,510.005
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Top ParticipantsEvent NameMoney Raised
1.     Beka Nelson2017 Jingle Bell Run - Tampa$1,345.00
2.     Gayle Fitzpatrick2017 Jingle Bell Run - Portland, OR$1,045.00
3.     Maddie Tallant2017 Jingle Bell Run - Memphis, TN$660.00
4.     Kathy Jensen2017 Jingle Bell Run - Tucson$465.00
5.     Kerigan Pickett2017 Jingle Bell Run - Montgomery, AL$360.00
6.     Lisa Poche2017 Jingle Bell Run - Denver, CO$290.00
7.     Suan Guess-Hanson2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bloomington, IL$285.00
8.     Caroline Downer2017 Jingle Bell Run - Memphis, TN$280.00
9.     Katy Wells2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bloomington, IL$270.00
10.     Ann McCord2017 Jingle Bell Run - Portland, OR$240.00
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