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Welcome to Team AbbVie


As a pledge of our support for the mission of the Arthritis Foundation, AbbVie is once again the National Sponsor for the Jingle Bell Run in 2016. Team AbbVie is made up of AbbVie's network of nationwide employees, rheumatologists, patients with Rheumatoid and Psoriatic arthritis, AbbVie friends and families.


 “AbbVie is a proud supporter of the Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. This important event represents a joint commitment from AbbVie and the Arthritis Foundation to make a remarkable impact in the lives of people with arthritis.”  - Jim Salanty, vice president, US Immunology, Rheumatology, AbbVie.


AbbVie employees, rheumatologists, patients, friends and family are all encouraged to participate in their local Jingle Bell Run! Register or today and join the Team AbbVie group!


Total Raised:  $35,278.55Members Recruited:  444

Top GroupTop Fundraising EventsMoney RaisedMembers Recruited
1.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$7,919.448
2.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Virginia Beach$3,190.0026
3.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Kansas City, MO$2,059.8823
4.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bradenton/Manasota$1,460.0011
5.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Pacific Grove, CA$1,380.0010
6.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Orange County & Inland Empire$1,130.0015
7.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Atlanta, GA$1,094.0019
8.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Las Vegas, NV$1,065.0017
9.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Milwaukee, WI$1,013.005
10.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Indianapolis, IN$877.007
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Top TeamsEvent NameMoney RaisedMembers Recruited
1.     Team AbbVie2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$4,064.451
2.     Team Abbvie Chicago2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$3,684.996
3.     Emily's Elves2017 Jingle Bell Run - Virginia Beach$3,190.0025
4.     Team ABBVIE Kansas City2017 Jingle Bell Run - Kansas City, MO$2,059.8822
5.     Joint Joggers2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bradenton/Manasota$1,460.0010
6.     Pacific Grove Inflammation Busters2017 Jingle Bell Run - Pacific Grove, CA$1,370.009
7.     Team Sleigh RA with Santa's Surf Riders2017 Jingle Bell Run - Orange County & Inland Empire$1,130.0014
8.     Team AbbVie Las Vegas2017 Jingle Bell Run - Las Vegas, NV$1,065.0016
9.     Atlanta Crazy Caroler's2017 Jingle Bell Run - Atlanta, GA$870.0018
10.     Team AbbVie - Western Suburbs2017 Jingle Bell Run - Western Suburbs$800.008
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Top ParticipantsEvent NameMoney Raised
1.     Emily Huff2017 Jingle Bell Run - Virginia Beach$2,085.00
2.     Dana Gaddis2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bradenton/Manasota$695.00
3.     Sharon McCarthy2017 Jingle Bell Run - Pacific Grove, CA$525.00
4.     April Zitlau2017 Jingle Bell Run - Pacific Grove, CA$475.00
5.     Stephanie Hine2017 Jingle Bell Run - Western Suburbs$345.00
6.     David Krieg2017 Jingle Bell Run - Las Vegas, NV$300.00
7.     Shannon Baggen2017 Jingle Bell Run - Seattle, WA$280.00
8.     Anita Strangio2017 Jingle Bell Run - Thousand Oaks$270.00
9.     Leah Simon2017 Jingle Bell Run - Bradenton/Manasota$235.00
10.     Michael Wooldridge2017 Jingle Bell Run - Pittsburgh, PA$215.00
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