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Welcome to JA Families

Our 2017 National Youth Honoree’s team Kate’s Caped Crusaders,
from Greensboro, NC, raised over $10,000 to help conquer arthritis!

JA Families unite! Nearly 300,000 children in the United States have Juvenile Arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation has an enduring commitment to families and children. By participating in your local Jingle Bell Run event, you're raising funds for research, programs, and education for families just like you. Register your team or to be a part of the national JA Family teams and see the impact it can have when we join together to find a cure for arthritis!

Total Raised:  $760,284.14Members Recruited:  5929

Top GroupTop Fundraising EventsMoney RaisedMembers Recruited
1.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Green Bay, WI$58,826.85290
2.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$37,830.00141
3.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Long Island, NY$29,652.95147
4.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Cleveland, OH$27,707.33216
5.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Raleigh$27,085.00115
6.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Ellicott City$26,736.15105
7.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Knoxville, TN$24,211.83235
8.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Metro DC$24,053.42179
9.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Atlanta, GA$22,225.61128
10.     JA Families2017 Jingle Bell Run - Kansas City, MO$20,893.00166
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Top TeamsEvent NameMoney RaisedMembers Recruited
1.     To The Max2017 Jingle Bell Run - Green Bay, WI$34,415.0073
2.     Red Nosed R-A-ndeers2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$24,644.0062
3.     Kate's Caped Crusaders2017 Jingle Bell Run - Raleigh$18,895.0051
4.     Alli's Allies2017 Jingle Bell Run - Green Bay, WI$15,264.0092
5.     Dan's Fans2017 Jingle Bell Run - Ellicott City$14,374.0025
6.     Kmac's Crew2017 Jingle Bell Run - Knoxville, TN$14,158.15101
7.     Amelia's Kitty Cat Crew2017 Jingle Bell Run - Franklin, TN$12,749.496
8.     Anna's Angels2017 Jingle Bell Run - Columbus, OH$11,427.8755
9.     Atul's Rheum-Mates2017 Jingle Bell Run - Portland, OR$10,612.0029
10.     Nyla's Dashers2017 Jingle Bell Run - Metro DC$10,449.3634
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Top ParticipantsEvent NameMoney Raised
1.     Max Larsen2017 Jingle Bell Run - Green Bay, WI$30,765.00
2.     Kate Wingate2017 Jingle Bell Run - Raleigh$13,885.00
3.     Julie Detlor2017 Jingle Bell Run - Franklin, TN$12,079.49
4.     Kelly Pierce2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$9,048.00
5.     Kristen McAllister2017 Jingle Bell Run - Knoxville, TN$7,740.00
6.     Atul Deodhar2017 Jingle Bell Run - Portland, OR$6,760.00
7.     Francesca Cirrincione2017 Jingle Bell Run - Chicago, IL$6,550.00
8.     Nyla Mensah2017 Jingle Bell Run - Metro DC$6,520.00
9.     Cassie Casiero2017 Jingle Bell Run - Long Island, NY$6,310.00
10.     Graci Diggs2017 Jingle Bell Run - Columbia, MO$6,189.00
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